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#203498 - His fingers gripped each side of her blouse, he ripped downwards buttons flew everywhere and Ambers tits were fully exposed she heard appreciative murmurs from behind her back. Then there moving her again lowering her onto the young man’s waiting dick, she gasps with lust every inch disappearing up her ever eager pussy “this fucking whore going to get her first DP “ laughs Ray “and then she going to be air tight slut with my ten inches down her fucking filthy throat” he laughed again looking Amber in the eye “beg Reg you dirty bitch beg him to fuck you smelly arserhole” Amber pleads to be fucked needing to be used like the slut she as become,”stuff it in me fuck my dirty hole” Reg smirks as he lines his dick up with her brown ring piece with one push he slides easily into arse one push and all his dick disappears. She and Don had talked and thought long and hard before she had signed the contract, the original agreement with Ray which had been brought about by blackmail was for

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