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#78504 - My poor cunt was leaking like crazy but had to remain untouched by my lover as I slurped noiselessly on his perfect tool. Before we reached the bedroom, I opened my eyes expecting to see Mike smiling a dirty smile at me but no, it wasn’t Mike, it was his Dad and as soon as my eyes opened he seemed to reposition his hand immediately, trying to make a bit of a joke, ‘Jeez Lucy, you weigh a bloody ton!’ My mind started to play the same tricks as it had done earlier with the door business and I pushed it to the back of my mind. Mum gave me grief for my excessive make-up saying I was pretty enough and didn’t need all that crap on my face and five minutes later, John came down and did a little wolf whistle saying I looked great! Of course this cause Mum to have a go at John and Mike signalled for me to escape the room.

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