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#289494 - She briefly closed her eyes in a vain attempt to shut everything out and to concentrate on stopping her body’s traitorous surrender to her fiance. ” A muffled grunt came through the door and then “well hurry up. “Sorry we’re late” John said to her, “oh, by the way, the Reverend Mayhew may be sometime, I’m afraid Mrs Groves has taken a bad turn, so he has gone there” Mrs Muggeridge just smiled wanly “that’s ok ducks, she never was the same since their Chris was killed at Normandy” she said, leading them into her comfortable living room, the photo of her husband, killed when the Hood was sunk, still taking pride of place on the mantelpiece, wishing them a goodnight when they refused her offer of a drink and went to bed, looking over her shoulder to see both of them following her up the stairs to their respective rooms.

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