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#247322 - Sue was now getting ready for the new dog to fuck her, Kim was already being fucked by Ralph, and so after empting both cocks in me, I got under Sue just as he went in, her butt taking it all first go. It seemed to take ages, but then he slowed, still knotted we rested, I was so exhausted, but with a smile a mile wide on my face, As I looked over, the girls were sharing doggy cum with one another, licking and sucking one another clean, as guys fucked them relentlessly. I let the girls wear them self’s out, before laying two guys down and sitting on them, taking both cocks in me sent me over the top again, then I got them to dp me with me sitting on one, while the other fucked me from the front, I love his way as I can see both cocks enter my butt.

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