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#27188 - His dad also seemed to enjoy fucking me in a dp again, both in my arse this time, until Rick filled me with his cum, Andy just happy to feel his son’s cock against his inside me, then as things slowed and most of the guys went home, we sat talking, about the days fun. I went over and said hello, he looked at me, and I smiled, saying how good it was to see him fuck Rick, with a shy smile he said it felt good too, I said Yer, he’s learning quickly, and that this was only his third day doing sex, I had taken his virginity on Sunday, when he came around to cut the grass, he kissed me and said thanks, looks like has enjoying it all. Grant and I were ready, when Rick turned up, so we told him to use the douche as before to get ready, he was now loving using it, and cleaning his butt for anal sex.

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Akira endou
Thanks for teaching me now i just have to find a partner to do these with ughhh
Ragyo kiryuuin
What kind of water heater is that