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#412669 - Neither was I to know, until months later, that the sperm I had injected into her breached organ found it's way to a receptive egg and began growing a new life inside the belly of my invalid lover. Which is ok, because most of the time, I get to have the full blown, nut busting explosion deep inside a warm pussy soon thereafter. She looked so vulnerable, so sexy, so enticing as she lay beneath me in this most compromising position! I knew that my talking is what allowed her to get off so well earlier so I started coaxing her with dirty talk again, “I need to shove my big prick into your tight little hole Barbara!” “You have always given me your body like no one else ever could!” I felt the tiny opening centering itself around my pee-hole as I spoke on… “There you go girl! Open that little chute for me and let my big cockhead feel what’s deep inside!” The tiny opening was stretching over my cockhead as if it was obeying my words all by itself.

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Lune zoldark
Sailor saturn
God those eyes that face that body the soo precious
Kenjirou shirasu
Or body its so hot