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#246 - I decided to take it further and lowered my lips to his cock, i licked his head tasting the sweet pre cum delicacybefore engulfing his cock in my mouth, moving my mouth back and foward on his cock i covered it in a light layer of saliva which lubricated it so i could speed up, the faster i got the more his cock bulged, i had given blow jobs before nd knew he was about to blow so i stopped, looked him in the eyes and told him to take me to his bedroom. So we stopped and drove a bit so his hardon could subside, my mom and i were going to be travelling in and staying at the preistery with him, because i had dancing in town the whole weekend, which meant we could carry on the next night. Anyways, I had moved from a public school to a Catholic School because it was what my parents wanted, and during the first few months i had quite a bit to do with the priest at our school.

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Narumi yatadera
Mmmm baby thats sooo hot
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Kasumi tendo
The first girl is so hot wish there were more of her