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#126367 - What a bunch of hokum, he said with a laugh, but it's still an pretty stone, while putting the leather strap around his neck! Little did he realize how much the little stone would change his life forever!!! Stepping into an empty elevator to make the ride to twentieth floor where he was a junior executive with a investment banking company, Drew pushed the button for his stop and waited for the doors to close! At the last moment, a young blonde with big breasts slipped through the sliding door and punched her floor! Both of them nodded at each other, in a sort of elevator form of etiquette, and then as usual, stood silently as the car made its accent! Out of the corner of his eye Drew mentally undressed the big boobed beauty and thought to himself, I wonder what size those baby's are!?! His mouth almost dropped to the floor when out of the blue she turned to him and said calmly, They're 34C! Excuse me, Drew replied in a stunned voice!?! My bra size, she a

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Bruce lee
Yes bb
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Your so cute but you need to lick his ass lol he will love you even more for it
Cyberdoll kei
Thank you kitten
Ichika hoshino
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I did loved every minute
Glemy toto
Omg its so good