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#222389 - Ever since that day me and mark have done stuff with each other mostly evertime we see each other. I had nothing to do so i went on the internet and started looking up gay porn i love gay porn i could look at it 24 / 7 it came to about 12 oclock and my mum and dad told me to go to bed so i did but i hardly slept i was just thinking about mark over and over again in my head i started to wank while thinking about him he was so hot it was unreal ! The next morning i woke up quite early thinking about mark again i was just lying in bed for ages then i decided to go to the toliet and i walked in on mark while he was taking a shower i went sorry and ran for the door he sed no its ok come in and lock the door behind you i did wot he sed then i went and stood at the sink he started to jerk off i watched and he said have you ever fucked a guy i said no because i hadent he slowley got out of the shower and came over to me he got onto his knees and slowley started licking my head it felt so g

Read Stepsiblings Shinmurou Kitan | Mysthaven Ch. 3 Blackmail Shinmurou Kitan | Mysthaven Ch. 3

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Shuuya kano
Good trick i will try on my younger sis
May wong
We love these cumshots
Nikkari aoe
Syren demer
Omg she s wearing a mask she is definetly safe because there not breathing on each other wow good job
Anastasia rose