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#244180 - So we walk in bea locks the door and leans on the door and she licks her finger and puts in her scrub pants and I can see her playing with her self and pulls her hand out a licks her fingers . I got a score to settle bea tells her come for two years straight everyday the only thing you talked about was about our master and how you wanted to see that huge cock of his and that you wanted to be plowed deep in all your holes cause his the only one other than a donkey that can satisfy you and now that you have him infront of you your just talking about your pig whore sister . Just then patti FaceTime calls bea and says is our master on the way I made the house and the garage soundproof ? uh huh ! gaging on my cock responds bea I can see pattis face she’s sweaty and her hairs a mess then I hear roni scream help please ! Please sis sto patti cuts her off and says shut the fuck roni screams nooo whomp whomp bea asks wtf was that patti says that a wood bat hitting a fat pig whomp well whomp

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