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#81049 - But she really didn't put up any fight at all while Cindy Lou tugged down her jeans and panties with one tug!!! My oh my, Nora, honey, Cindy whispered, you have a forest growin’ between your legs, I think we should take you into the bathroom and do something about that!!! Y-you're crazy, Nora stammered as Cindy Lou led her into the bathroom, Hank'll freak out if I shave it off!!! Pshaw, sugah, Cindy Lou replied, he'll be thankin' ya for it every time he puts his mouth down there, believe me he will, now stop talkin' and sit up on the sink and spread your legs for mama!!! Cindy quickly turned on the hot water and began soaping the dark mass of curly pubic hair to soften it before touching it with the razor!!! Nora simply closed her eyes tightly and waited while her friend worked her fingers all over her hairy mound!!! Nora, honey, Cindy said softly, if I do say so myself, you have a fantastic pussy, honey, and your love button, well Hank

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