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#12602 - As she comes back out the door, blushing and carring a jug and glass mason jar, setting them on the table,with one hand she unbuttons a button, exposing her large breast, as shes pours a glass and ensures my full view of her cleavage passing me the glass. As I open my door I hear the gentleman talking and asking, hello sir can we help you, as he yells at the barking dog to quiet down. Trying to resist holding my mouth tighly closed and turning away, I feel extreme pain in my groins as she slaps me hard and repeatedly, until i beg her to stop, you will suck and fuck him and enjoy it if you want my pleasuring your cock.

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Onegai yellow
Wish i could play with a young man just like that
Gemido delicia mesmo
Donquixote doflamingo
Can anyone translate what stroker38 is trying to say
Anybody have the name of the first girl in the intro