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#134187 - She is soo sexy & I know she loves to fuck !!! Years ago, we were partying & I think she thought about fucking me !!! I slept at her house & asked her as we were in her bedroom if she had a pair of shorts for me to wear & I freaked when she pulled off the ones she was wearing & handed them to me as she stood in front of me wearing a silky blouse & the prettiest pair of black silky panties !!! They were perfect !!! They totally covered the back of her ass & were kind of see through in front up top above her pussy lips & black thick bush !!!! I wanted to keep her right there in her panties, so I grabbed the shorts & told her that they were the wrong kind cuz I wasn't wearing any underwear & they were too loose without them !!! She asked what I needed & I said I needed underwear,but didn't bring any !!! ShERI just looked at me & said if you need to wear some that bad, you can wear some of mine! & looked at me smiling, with a look in her eye that i will never forget !!! I s

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