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#198154 - I flipped her over onto er back and now with our positions reversed I gently grabbed the base of er shirt and lifted it over her head to reveal her beutiful tanned body, her perky breasts stuck up in the air with her nipples hard as I ran my hands up her toned flat abdomen to them. **************************************************************************************************************************** Lin Beifong was circling Korra and I as we were handcuffed to a large metal tabel in a small metal room. Wow gasped Korra as she saw Aangs statue in the bay and Air temple Island next to it It's amazing, but, why isn't there a statue of you Raiden? she asked curiously, There is no statue of me anywhere, ,my existence is only known to the Avatar and those associated, no one in the major populations know of my existence, it can confuse them if there are two Avatars running around, although I suspect it may be hard to keep my existence hidden in this

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