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#44353 - I couldn't control my emotions n started jerking off and later I got to know that the lady was pooping and she didn't see me because she was squatting and the grass and bushes were 3 to 4 feet in height then I felt like seeing her face and then I moved slowly towards her and when I saw her face She was beautiful but she had huge breasts covered by a saree, blouse and obviously cupped by a bra while she was busy pooping, I was busily wiping off the pre cum from my penis in India, it is very rare to find a public toilet and Indian women are very conservative and do not yield easily for sex with strangers. I removed her blouse and her padded bra after seeing her soft huge breasts I almost cum without jerking later, like a hungry wolf, I started squeezing her breasts and started licking and biting her nipples slowly and she was enjoying this to the core and moaning like hell. I noticed that a lady was also peeing just 50 yards away from where Iwas.

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