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#387413 - He has seen the way she looks at him, he knows that in her own way she wants to be with him, maybe shes too shy to make the first move, this is why he made the decision to come into the home, to come to her in her sleep, to be a dream, of hers and his, to finally be as one how he thinks they are meant to be. That alone is enough to set him off, holding her hips tight he pushes himself into her as hard as he can, enjoying the sensation she is giving him, and he cums, giving her all his seed, pumping it deep into her, she feels the heat within and smiles slyly at him, he moves from between her legs and lies down beside her, unties her hands and kisses her softly. He slips in between her legs, bending her knees and lightly lifting each leg over his shoulder, with a fast sharp movement he plunges into her, taking her breath away, he gets even more turned on by her reaction to him, he starts to pound her faster and harder, looking into her eyes at all times, knowing that he has the

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Sayoko mishima
The woman has a great body but the whipping is lame
Perfect just perfect
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