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#415992 - I turned around and I could see Aftab's eyes firmly focused on my shapely backside from my wall mirror, I let go of the zip and my short skirt quickly slipped onto the ground, Aftab's jaw almost hit the floor, I turned my head round and smiled, what do you think of my ass then Mr? I asked, I I think it's very, um, very. Aftab sat back on my couch, still clutching the note his brother asked him to post through my letterbox, Thanks for the note Aftab, But I'm sorry to say you can tell your brother that it's definitely over between us and has been for 3 weeks now I said whilst tying my long blonde hair back. Aftab was staring at my naked body, You have beautiful breasts Louise Aftab said whilst still playing with his wet cock.

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