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#167070 - Replied aunt Dorothy. Once she'd calmed down she released the grip on my hand and opened her legs, her panties were soaking wet but instead of taking them off she told me to get between her legs and lick her. I heard mum say to her I think Paul's got a girlfriend he's going around in a dream world.

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Akari kanzaki
I asked a very genuine question but then got cursed at especially by those two men calling me a cunt and a degenerate what idiots i know one thing for sure that there exists women who surely are repulsed by the thought of swallowing or having a man ejaculate on her face not everyone does these weird sex moves or sex adventures there s people who love traditional love making and it s ok to love that
She has an amazing ass me and many others like a real woman and not some silicone bimbo
Sasami iwakura
Same here bro
Link i cant touch your link