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#148260 - They were in the changing rooms in the pool and Austin who at the time was shy of his body went into a cubicle to get changed and noticing the crack along the doors edge remembered looking through it and watching Daire get changed along with the rest of their clique but Austin remembered looking at Daire the most with that long torso and kind of chubby legs but still muscular and that small hairless bubble butt with his small cock and tiny balls and thinking ‘One day I’m going to fuck him…one day‘. Everyone of them took a deep pride in their appearance but in particular Austin who since he was young was constantly doing something from playing football to masturbating to fucking someone. Realising what he had just thought Bryan left the room but not before Austin had seen his father start to wank at the site of him.

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Momoko akatsutsumi
Is it too much to ask for a mario bros 3 speedrun in the next one