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#66808 - When Goldie opened his eyes again he was surprised by two facts; the first was the fact that it was now dark outside and the second fact was that he was no longer alone in a dimly lit room; a short shirtless young dark skinned bear in light brown short pants with a thick patch of black hair on his chest that ran down to his waistline now stood over him, Goldie sprang up and froze there in the bed. “In any case its far to late to go out, if you try and leave now the wolves will get you for sure” The Older Bear explained taking his free hand and rubbed it against Goldie’s round ass, Goldie flinched jumping back from The Older Bear’s advance only to bump his ass right into The Young Bear crotch, “wha, I said I can pay you back” Goldie pleaded looking into the hungry eyes of The Three Bears around him, “Yes, you said you’d pay for the chair, the food and the bed” The Oldest Bear said, “and that’s fine, but you also need to pay for a guide out of the forest” The Oldest Bear added looking i

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