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#353383 - Davis and explainded, What I've done is insert a microvibrator into Quincy's vagina, it can be activated with a remote just like this one when her particular code is punched in!!! Each and every member of our staff is equiped with just such a device and any of them can enter her code and with just the touch of a button, give her a jolt deep inside of her vagina!!! That's extraordinary, Joan Davis opined, while staring at the now swelling lips of her daughter's pussy, can I see it work!?! Of course you may, Harriett replied while handing the remote over to her, just punch in the number 3045, after you see that number fill the little screen, you're ready to go!!! Harriett waited a moment until Joan Davis figured out how to enter the code number, and when it was done, she continued on, Now, press any button from one to nine, with one being the lowest power rating and of course nine being the maximum!!! Not quite sure what to do, Joan looked at Ha

Read Uniform Ero Enma to Shokushu 10000-biki - Touhou project Step Ero Enma to Shokushu 10000-biki

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