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#332660 - Over the following month during each lesson Emily would give Shelley the sex education her parents should have given her, when she had taught her as much as she could she thought a practical lesson would have to come next, but how, Shelley never got out and there was no way she could get a male in the house, but what male, who could she trust with such a delicate matter, on her way home on the train she knew who, her own brother, he was 17 and quite a good looking chap, the more she thought about him the more she realised how hot he was, then her thoughts turned to him fucking her then Shelley, she was so turned on she had to visit the bathroom and finger herself, when she got home she was pleased to see David was home, she had to act now, or she would regret it for the rest of her like. The next lesson Emily gave Shelley she hinted on what she had fixed up, but she couldn’t figure out how to make it happen, Shelley came up with the idea, there was a computer exhibition in a few w

Read Gostoso Boku ga Te ni Ireta Chounouryoku 3 - Original Shot Boku ga Te ni Ireta Chounouryoku 3

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