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#309829 - Geoff then stopped and stood up and pulled me to my feet and Rodger stood up too and stood behind me, Geoff carried on kissing me, Rodger put his hands on my waist and moved his hands in front and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my shorts, Geoff went down to his knees and so did Rodger and they both pulled down my shorts and I stepped out of them, they both kissed my legs while they were down there, Geoff kissed my bel end and said “I’m not gona suck you off, that’s your job” he said, “you’re the woman tonight” Rodger said. Him talking like that was really getting me going, and he continued “Do you want your uncle to make you cum?” he said. “wrap your legs around my back” he said, so I did and he rammed in even deeper and after about 10 minutes he shouted he was cumming, “me too, im cumming too” I screamed “make me cum, oh Geoff please fuck me” then I felt his hot creamy spunk shoot up my arsehole and that sent me over the edge, I came so much and we both collapsed.

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