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#379880 - As I reached the goal of touching her little girl panties and rested my finger against her pussy she looked at me quizzically but as she didn't move away I continued touching the crotch of her cotton panties and she smiled at me and unfolded her legs and parted her thighs you know I'm not a virgin dad? Tell me about the first time a man made love to you my darling I said, quietly stroking her pussy through the cotton panties I've never made love with a man but my cousin took my virginity a month ago at my birthday party. it really turned me on I was now toying with the leg elastic of her panties and my finger soon made its way underneath finding the soft blonde downy covering on her pussy and the outside of her wet lips. She smiled at me and wrapped her little fingers around my cock, which had responded stiffening and pointing at the sky she moved her mouth down and kissed the tip, opened her lips and let it slide between them.

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