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#307535 - He’d kept her in a small room similar to the one he stuffed Lorraine in, the Indian girl was next, He realized that he might as well get the whole racial circle and so, after finding another busty young Indian girl he took her back to the warehouse and promptly shred all her clothes off and tied her to the side of the grinder, next he found the white woman, a French tourist who asked him where the hotel was, he said he’d drive her there as it was quite far, and in her gullible young nature, she didn’t argue, and after John had forced her down and cut her clothes off he threw her into the now open crusher, but didn’t crush her, not yet. His scrotum tightened as he released inside her ‘No, not inside me!’ Lorraine called, John didn’t care, he pressed his hips up against the apex of her thighs and his cum shot out into her vagina, he gritted his teeth as the warm pleasure overcame him temporarily and he looked at Lorraine to see her looking at him with tearful eyes ‘No…I don’t want a c

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