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#270263 - Steve went into the kitchen grabbed his wife by her nude waist and pulled her close to him for a kiss, Just met Ted the new neighbor, seems friendly enough, invited him for the barbeque tonight Steve said picking some stuffing from the fresh bowl Susan had just mixed, Great Susan said and went back to her prep cooking. So Ted, Nice of you to drop by, your early Steve said using a towel to wiped the grease and Jessica's pussy juice from his hands, What was that?, why did you do that to her? Ted asked as he got up and moved his eye's from Jessica to look at Steve, She is a pig, Im going to roast her for dinner Steve replied as they slowly walked over to the fence where Jenna was still watching, You must be Jenna? Steve said looking toward the shocked and excited girl looking over the fence, Yes sir, why did you shove that pole through that girl? Jenna asked. At just a little after 3pm Jessica walked into the house and threw her bag on to then nearby chair

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