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#178683 - A slight moan escaped her lips, but other than that, you couldn't have told that she was getting her cunt fingered! I have a request for you, he offered, while gently slipping his finger in and out of her honey pot, I can tell that you're a very sexual person, and I would like to ask you questions about your sex life and your body, if that's okay with you!?! He gave her pussy a couple of quick stabs, causing her to lose her concentration, but she replied back, Sure, ask me anything you want! I'm interested to know if you have a boy friend, he asked? Yeah, back in Detroit, she said, he's an accountant. Usually in cases like this, Trent's usual experience would have been that this lovely creature would turn out to be an ice queen, but to his happy dismay, she stuck out her hand and said, I'm Sonja, Sonja Fletcher! He took her hand, and replied, Trent Boyd's the name, glad to meet you, New Orleans or Memphis!?! Memphis, she answere

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