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#311167 - I had told them all to make sure if any day they could make it Friday for a real good send of, both guys said they were back again tomorrow, but had arranged several days of to meet us. Lee came out some 20 minutes later, Pauline now at least was talking, saying she had never felt so full, or so sexy, as when we were fucking her, and how her life had changed so much in the last few days. Lee was behind, watching Jerry, it took some time, Jerry pulling against Pauline's hole to get out, but his knot held him firm, as his knot began to soften, his cock dropped out, I saw Lee and felt him licking Pauline's butt, he was eating Jerry's cum from her, I told him to bring us some to share, Pauline was only just coherent, as Lee brought up a big mouth full of doggy cum, I held her face to one side, as he dropped it in her mouth, then she turned sharing it in a kiss with me, my cum slut sister was sexually very happy right now, our tongues explored one another's mouths.

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Takeko nogami
That is a hell of a mouth on her
Tetsurou kuroo
You so sexy hun and that voice is such a turn on