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#403511 - Pete said, “now Barbara, if your going to scream and make a fuss we’re going to put a ball gag in your mouth so just keep your mouth shut - you understand?“ “Yes, but what are you going to do?“ Pete, answered my question my by saying, “to be right to the point, we understand you don’t care much for sex with black guys, we’re going to have some fun with you then we’re going to make you suffer a bit and there is nothing you can do about it. That will cause you to start bleeding out slowly. “ At this point I was totally confused.

Read High Definition Selfbondage of 《LoveLive!》Tojo Nozomi Assfucked Selfbondage of 《LoveLive!》Tojo Nozomi

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Hayato akiyama
Yep way too late
I would have fucked you is that what you wanted to hear nyna