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#123794 - “Shit Johnny she wasn’t clean down there like them porn girl are!” Cori, sobbing “Please let me go, i’ll tell no one!” Lifting her head Johnny looks her right in the eyes “Tell you what!, how about letting us have another turn with you then w’ll let you go on your merry way!” There a look of resignation in her eyes as she realizes she going to be fuck more, turning her head not wanting to watch as Tommy comes to have his turn on her body. “Let me guess they block you getting into Canada?” I don’t know why I even stopped, but I did and nod yes to him “Well if you’re willing I have a foolproof method of getting across the border both ways, just requires walking in muddy field for a bit!” He extends his hand to me “Names Douglas, Johnny Douglas, i got a farm couple of miles from here that backs onto a farm ran by my cousin in Canada, we hop the fence whenever we want to!” “And how that going to help me?” looking skeptically at him “Well if we can do it, what’s to stop you fro

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I need this everyday
Nana ebina
This is too funny
Hayato shinkai
Thats how you fuck a white woman good pounding i like that bendover hands on ground position so fuckin hot and kiny the bestest position he should fuck all the girls in his hentais like that position