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#323037 - It was late when the guys slowed, I lay down my arms up, and told the girls to pick a fist and then one to ride my cock, I had Lyn on my cock and the other two slide down my arm, both Sue and Gretchen high on poppers pushed their limits to the max, urging one another on to get my arm into their ass up to the elbow, the poppers now got used big time as the pressure on my fists grew. No one seemed to be rushing of, being a Friday of course most probably didn't have to work the next day, we all lay around talking, now and then one of the guys would slip his cock into a hole and keep it warm, but none with too much energy left to fuck now. For some reason they then looked at Lyn, and asked her, she said at least 700 guys or more, and 20 plus in one session, boy you could see the woman thinking about that one, they then looked at me, I told them some 300 woman plus and around 350 plus guys now, the guys mouths dropped with that answer.

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