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#258133 - There had never been any sexual thoughts about Louise, the sex he got from his wife was enough, but only just. Then Tom felt his cock being touched, “Well daddy, I suppose I have to pay you back now” she squeezed and pulled on his cock and it didn’t take long for his spunk to rise and splash up her stomach and the underside of her tits, now these were not too large, about a hand full, her nipples were naturally hard form the stimulation she had received and given. The week passed and Tom and Louise went off to get the films, back home Janet was just on her way out, “Don’t stay up to late tonight, you have a dental appointment at 9” “I know mom, bye” They had a normal night and Tom had his shower, as he dried he saw the familiar face in the picture, this night he thought he would show her an erect cock, he had been rubbing it gently and it was standing proud, again he acted out the drying of his hair and turned, he moved the towel a little so he could see Louise, she sat on the s

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Tomoko kawada
Somehow i feel the same but she is damn hot
Koyomi mizuhara
She got that stamina