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#261811 - Rather than use batons to practice the art of DP, we encourage our clients to send a couple of thier own slaves to fuck um & suck um, so after the beating had finished,J8 was lowered to the floor and was brutially abused by the boys, we all stood and watched whilst ,they firstly took off the cock twine, removed his ties to front and back, and as they were both strong boys this guy would be a walk over. 1/2 cock in , some head and face slapping ensued, Bs cock never remained still for five seconds,he fucked J8s mouth so much so,he was gagging all the way, and just in case he thought of biting him,its very hard trying to bite a 3. We needed to check their bodily fuctions were ok, but first they had to be whipped into some form of order,all our clients relied on disipline, and if they faulty ,then more often than not,they were disposed of , but we did,nt like that method of disposal so some of us kept them for own use, it was a great pleasure having your own personnal cock slave ,after

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