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#153745 - They wrap their tails around the boy’s sperm’s tails to catch it and tear a hole inside the sperm’s head to kill it, so they can eat it Now the mosquito population had grown in that part of the forest from a couple of hundred to thousands thanks to Sebastian’s cum that was being extracted every day Not only the mosquitoes were looking for living shelters or hosts. His testicles are producing a trillion sperm cells per day to satisfy the demands of the mosquitoes´ sperm who are constantly hungry to eat the boy’s little swimmers. Many insects around the forest were suffering mutations due to meteorite that had crashed in the forest, this meteorite contained some alien parasites that depended on other species to survive, they have been slaving planets for decades to survive, first they come out of the meteorite and infect the animals around them, preferably small cause they’re easier to control, they let the animal eat them and once inside they travel to the animal’s brain and attac

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