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#365508 - Reginald again being the perfect gentleman and still playing the part shook her hand that was still trembling and said that Deanna's tests and response to the exam would be sent to the sexual surrogate clinic and that in his opinion she would have no problem at all being able to bare and mother an interracial child! Going on to say that she was welcome back anytime and that he or his colleague (The Good Doctor who's office he had used) would be more than happy to see that she was more than stimulated again, and that the clinic would pay for the service, this comment was made with a wink and a big smile from Reggie! Joy had called our cab driver friend then saying that the “Black Cobra” was not far just around the corner, had escorted her to the door saying I don't want you be late for your date with Darryl! As Deanna opened the door, Joy grabbed her again pulled her close, face to face and said I want you,. and into her pink tight little ass hole sphincter muscle!

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