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#338988 - I wonder what we'll being painting tonight, Sharon said to her classmate, Hazel, as both they and five or six other women entered the studio of the adult art class at the local junior college, I dunno, Hazel replied, but I'm getting tired of all this still life crap, I hope for once we get to paint a portrait of somebody!!! Me too, Sharon replied quickly while taking her place behind her easel in the third row, that's really the reason I took this course, I wanted to learn how to paint faces and stuff like that!!! The room was filling up rapidly with would be artists, and while they were taking their seats, Gail Forest, the course instructor, was busy passing out the work that she had graded from last week's session!!! When she stopped at Sharon's seat, she handed her the picture of a bowl of fruit and commented, You're showing real progress, Sharon, keep up the good work!!! When all of the paintings were handed out, Gail Forest took her place

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