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#345079 - She does not know how long she has to find the youngster or even where he lives, so she has spent her free time while not sleeping by pouring over the details she found in her dreams looking for clues. He looks around the room this case has been upgraded to a terrorist threat, these people have some weapon that allows them to torture and kill indiscriminately and needs to be dealt with appropriately, as of now all your current cases are being handed to other officers and you, with all your differing areas of expertise will work together to find those who intent to endanger this country. Ares Chuckles and asks the location of the piles of bodies and he is pointedly ignored, he gets annoyed that they don’t like his jokes and gets up to leave picking up the rest of the pig as a snack on his way out.

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So hot
Minawa andou
Wish i was him
How the fuck did he last so long
Rika furude
Verry hot hmmmm