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#233430 - The next morning Jessica and Stacey entered classroom #659 as they had every day over the passed 6 months, Welcome class I have good news for you today he said with a gleam in his eye, We have entered the potion of the class where we will learn the proper spitting technique to spit and roast a whole spit muffin weather she be alive, witch is best, or previously slaughtered, lets begin He said while a man walked into the room with a young girl on a leash similar to the spit muffins the guys had brought as there practice muffins. This young girl, err I mean this spit muffin He started catching himself and amending his statement, Let me just say that I made a common mistake right off the bat here announcing this muffin by referring to her as This young girl as we all know she forfeited her status as a young girl the moment she was selected in the lottery and assigned to us, please remember that all of you, a girl is no longer a girl once her tag has been selected He added.

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Tatsuya shiba
Gorgeous girl with cute smile and great skill
Shioriko shinokawa
She is so lucky