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#193760 - . I was finished, i had nothing left in me Stopping where I lived, there was no need to say anything, actions speak louder then words. Holy! With my lips open, I seen what I now know as my clitoris standing at attention! Why is that up like that? I touched it and oh my, that felt so nice! If it feels good, can it it be bad? So I contined to move it around and began thinking of the golf cart guy taking me in his arms, kissing me when all of a sudden from way down inside me, this surge of power raced up my through my body crashing in my Vagina!! Holy! It took my breath away! What happened? I sat there panting like a dog laying in the sun not able to explain what happened but I knew I liked it.

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Akane shinjou
Sucky my ducky and make it all wet
Souta mizushino
Fucking goood