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#64541 - Walking over to Jessica he made her stand, forcing her hand's behind her back and tying them tight at the wrist, Jessica looked toward her father to save her but he had already disconnected himself emotionally and also just considered her another pig sold for slaughter, as she was dragged away squealing. Jessica a short busty, 18 year old blonde, with flowing hair and blue eye's was attending the county fair, her father Steve entered their family farm's best pig, their farm having won the last 4 county pig pageant’s they felt their sow would prevail. Steve hung up the phone and returned to the charcoal mess that use to be his tent, Dan says we don’t have a chance without Betsy, so we might as well go home he said looking in to the blue teary eye's of his daughter, it was at this moment he got an almost insane idea but time's being what they are changing fast he thought it just might work.

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