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#240066 - I told them that we needed to go kissed dad and went home we got in late and the boys couldn’t wait to go to the shed and work out I said that we had to unpack all the stuff we had brought back, they did it in record time then went to work out, they were out there about 15 minutes when I decided to look in on them so I peeked out the window in the kitchen and saw that they had the tape my husband made of me when I was a lot younger ,it was shot after shot of him Cumming on my face and boobs and butt over and over ,about two hours of it really boring if you ask me, that’s when it hit me the second tape I really need to get that one back, it is a tape of when he came back from his first deployment he was drinking with some friends and he was showing off how all he had to do was grab me on the back of the neck and I went limp and you could do anything with me I got passed around the room like that there was no sex but I didn’t want them to see that. So today I went to town to get rat

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Persia hayami
Am i the only one that is confused here as punishment he gets what i dream of as a reward
Hiro hamada
Or is it the right time